Equal Opportunity Awards 2019

Category: Enabler – Organisations employing PwDs

This Award seeks to recognize organizations promoting the employment of PwDs and removing all physical and attitudinal Barriers, encouraging them to flourish in their lives with dignity and equal opportunity.


Section II
Case Study (To be filled by applicant)

Illustrations of Innovation/Initiatives

The initiatives could be in the following areas

  • Equality in work environment: An environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where the talents and skills of different groups are valued
  • Equality in Learning: A workplace where Persons with Disability are trained and given the same orientation as their peers
  • Equality in Expression: A workplace where there is equality in expression for Persons with Disability and they can also voice their grievances and would get the same treatment as the rest of the workers
  • Equality in Participation: A workplace where Persons with Disability are allowed to take the lead without any supervision if capable. They also are allowed to take up front facing roles
  • Equality in Economic Sufficiency: The workplace should be paying Persons with Disability at par with the rest of the employee without any discrimination. This is including bonus payouts
  • Equality in Removal of Barriers: A workplace where there is no discrimination or bias
  • Equality in Training: A workplace giving Persons with Disability the same kind of training programs as the rest of the employees
  • Equality in Growth/ promotion: a workplace where Persons with Disability are equally given promotions/increments as the rest of the employee

Illustrations of Sustainability measures

What are the steps you will take to sustain the above mentioned initiatives?

  • Increase in number of Person with Disability employees YoY
  • Management support to sustain the initiative
  • Infrastructural enhancements
  • Partnerships with the right kind of Associations
  • Awards and recognition

Illustrations of Impact

The impact should be measurable and generic statements should be avoided. Supporting evidence should be provided in form of measureable reports and metrics to assist jury members to evaluate

  • Productivity Level: How have the initiatives impacted the productivity level of people with disability?
  • Job Satisfaction: Has the initiative resulted in job satisfaction for Persons with Disability within the organization. (Exhibits, surveys, 360-degree appraisal etc.)
  • Work - Life balance: What sort of impact does the initiative have on the work –life balance of the Persons with Disability
  • Attrition rates: Does the initiative have a positive or negative attrition rate for Persons with Disability. Please give measurable examples




Other information

Section III


In case of any queries relating to the application form, or participation in the Awards, please feel free to contact the Awards team at contact@nipmanfoundation.com

*The Application Form needs to be signed by the authorized signatory from the participant organization (Human Resource Head / Manager or Project Head / Manager)