The Equal Opportunity Awards were instituted in 2014 to recognize organizations and individuals making significant contributions to people with disabilities in the workspace and lifestyles.

The Awards are given in 7 categories that include – Entrepreneur with a disability, Professional with a disability, Organizations employing people with disabilities, Organizations/NGOs with technological innovation, Organizations/NGOs with non-technological innovation, Inclusive Educational Institutes, Architectural Design Firms promoting Universal Access Design.


Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Vice Chairman, Niti Aayog

"I think this will grow into a movement where soon enough you will see all the 2.2% people covered. I am sure that will happen. And Nipman Foundation would be at the very vanguard of that movement as we go forward."

Kalki Koechlin


"I would like to congratulate Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity Awards for going up there and recognizing companies who are employing people with disabilities. In our country we have 2.1% of our population which has disabilities and unfortunately lot of these people don’t get employed even when they have the required skill sets, abilities and qualification only because of lack of awareness and prejudices, so it’s really great that this award is happening."

Nipun Malhotra

CEO of Nipman Foundation

"When I was passing out from Delhi School of Economics 2012 batch, I decided to sit for placements along with my other classmates; however despite of having a decently good CV I found that companies would create ways and not except me amongst which one company even took me through seven rounds of interview before rejecting me because they did not disable fitting toilet. This motivated me to start the Nipman foundation and The Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunities Awards in collaboration with Ernst & Young we are trying to recognize companies that employees people with disabilities and thus encourage others to do so too. I would urge companies to apply for these awards and help make India an equal opportunity company."

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Member of Parliament

"The Equal Opportunity Awards are an important step as in not only to recognise organisations that treated differently abled equally but they have also contributed towards the cause and promoted equal opportunity because they actually encourage others to do so. If companies realise the kind of attention and mileage they can get by doing what companies we have recognised today are actually doing then may be more will do it and then we can change our country through the private sector as well as public."

Jay Panda

Member of Parliament

"what needs to change most of all, are attitudes in our society & while the govt. can do a lot of things, I think the govt. is best as an enabler & facilitator rather than a direct doer or distributor of mobility aids. It is when such organisations think it is normal, it is not a 'special thing' that they're doing to employ PwD's, that our society will change"

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